Plain Film

Excellent clarity, high tensile, strength, good dimensional stability and flatness, low electrostatic charge, corona treatment on one or both sides & waterproof. The Plain film is used for laminating cardboard, general packaging, wrap for fresh flowers and adhesive tape.


This grade has the property of heat sealability on both sides, dimensional and flatness, designed for high-speed workability, low-friction, high stiffness, elegant appearance, heat resistant and heat shrinking capabilities. The Composite film is used in packing of confectionery/biscuits, soap and processed food items.

Cigarette Grade

Cigarette grade both side heat-sealable BOPP film is manufacture specially to suit high-speed cigarette wrapping having excellent antistatic and slip with high seal strength, clarity and moisture barrier properties. Tri-Pack has attained the competency to manufacture the said grade and currently it is being supplied to the tobacco industry of the country.


Pearlized BOPP film is a both sides heat-sealable one side corona treated film having uniform thickness, low transparency for minimum see through with good seal strength. It is suitable for high quality printing, over wrapping and flow pack machines for packaging. The Pearlized film is used as a packaging material for processed food, ice bars, candies, gift wrappers and tea.

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