Shareholder Notice & Announcement


The Share Transfer Books of the Company will remain closed from April 1, 2014 to April 15, 2014 (both days inclusive).


A member entitled to attend and vote at the meeting may appoint a proxy in writing to attend the meeting and vote on the member’s behalf. A Proxy need not be a member of the Company.


Duly completed forms of proxy must be deposited with the Company Secretary at the Registered Office of the Company at 4th Floor, The Forum, Suite # 416-422, G-20, Block 9, Khayaban-e-Jami, Clifton, Karachi-75600 not later than 48 hours before the time appointed for the meeting.


Shareholders (Non-CDC) are requested to promptly notify the Company’s Registrar of any change in their addresses and submit, if applicable to them, the Non-deduction of Zakat Form CZ-50 with the Registrar of the Company M/s FAMCO Associates (Pvt.) Limited, 8-F, Next to Hotel Faran, Nursery, Block 6, P.E.C.H.S., Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karachi-75400. All the Shareholders holding their shares through the CDC are requested to please update their addresses and Zakat status with their Participants. This will assist in the prompt receipt of Dividend.


As instructed by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) vide its letter No.EMD/D-II/ Misc/2009-1342 dated April 4, 2013 dividend warrants cannot be issued without insertion of CNIC numbers. Therefore, all those shareholders holding physical shares who have not submitted their valid CNICs are requested to send a photocopy of their valid CNIC/National Tax Numbers along with the folio numbers to the Company’s Share Registrar. No future dividend will be payable unless the CNIC Number is printed on the dividend warrants, so please provide the Company with your CNIC Numbers, failing which the Company will not be responsible if it is not able to pay the dividends.


In order to make the process of payment of cash dividend more efficient, SECP vide its Circular No.8(4) SM/CDC 2008 dated April 5, 2013 has issued instructions so that the shareholders can get their dividend credited in their respective bank accounts electronically without any delay. The shareholders may, therefore, authorize the Company to credit the dividend directly to their bank account for all future dividends declared by the Company. Accordingly, all non-CDC shareholders are requested to send their bank account details to the Company’s Shares Registrar at the address given above. Shareholders who hold shares with Participant/ Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC) are advised to provide the mandate to the concerned Stock Broker /Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC).


Any individual beneficial owner of the Central Depository Company, entitled to vote at this meeting, must bring his/her Computerized National Identity Card (“CNIC”) with him/her to prove his/her identity, and in case of proxy must enclose an attested copy of his/her CNIC. The representatives of corporate bodies should bring attested copy of board of directors’ resolution/power of attorney and/or all such documents required under Circular No.1 dated January 26, 2000 issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan for the purpose.


Form of proxy is attached in the Annual Report and should be witnessed by two persons whose names, addresses and CNIC Numbers are mentioned on the forms.