Tri-pack Health, Safety, Security, Environmental and Quality Policy (HSSEQ)

Tri-pack strongly believes in environmental sponsorship & protecting health & safety of people associated with it. Tri-pack assures to safeguard Employees, Capital, Information & Asset’s profound security from deliberate harm, damage or loss. Business security & Control of flow of information is also one of fundamental objective. Tri-pack understands the paramount importance of Quality & Food Safety and leverages actions for its due-diligence. Tri-pack is committed towards Resource conservation, Waste management & Energy efficiency for a better the future. We implement our HSSEQ policy through Integrated Management System.

In-line with the vision, mission statement, values and code of conduct, Tri-pack has established following Health, Safety, Security, Environmental and Quality Policy, comprising of:

  • Leadership Culture: We promote a pro-active culture, by inculcating leadership for HSSEQ at all levels. We engage & train people & take their consultation through participation in objective setting.
  • Business Integration: Our business decisions incorporate our HSSEQ Policy and its impacts on our system, surrounding, habitat and the communities we live in.
  • Resource Allocation: We promptly allocate adequate resources and strategies, necessary for efficacious implementation of Integrated Management System.
  • Regulatory Compliance: We direct all our activities in-compliance with the company standards & applicable legal requirements. Regular audits are orchestrated to ensure compliance.
  • Performance Measurement & Continual Improvement: We measure and monitor performance against goals & objectives which serve as a guidance path towards our continual improvement. We monitor all emerging issues due to Regulatory changes, Technological advancements & Stakeholder interests in order to enhance our performance in every aspect.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: We effectively collaborate with our Sponsors, Contractors, Suppliers & Customers in accordance with our HSSEQ policy to assure profound compliance.
  • Annual Review: We periodically review the company’s performance in implementing this policy and update it as needed.

It is the responsibility of our senior leaders to efficaciously communicate and help understand in implementation of this policy across Tri-pack operations. All employees are responsible to understand the impacts of this policy on their day-to-day practices and are expected to apply & support the principles stated above.


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