Company Information

Tri-Pack Films Limited (Tri-Pack) – a joint venture between Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan and Packages Limited of Pakistan was incorporated as a Public Limited Company on April 29, 1993 to produce Biaxially Orientated Polypropylene (BOPP) Films in Pakistan. Its head office is based in Karachi and regional offices are located in Karachi, Lahore and Hattar where focus is to provide customers with dependable, economical and quality films backed by strong customer services. Tri-Pack is indeed proud of making distinctive contributions to the packaging industry in Pakistan.

The Company is continuously growing since inception and has touched the country's ever highest production of BOPP films in the year 2013 through the commissioning of BOPP Line-4 in March 2013 at a cost of Rs 5.4 billion.

The project of Cast Polypropylene (CPP) Line-2 with a capacity of 9,000 MT per annum was completed and commissioned in March 2014 within the budgeted cost of Rs 1.3 billion. This shall increase the combined CPP production capacity of the company from the present 7,200 MT per annum to 16,200 MT per annum.


Keeping in view the needs of our customers, Transparent, Pearlized and Metallized films are produced in different varieties and thickness ranging from 12 to 60 micron. We also make specialized films having unique characteristics to suit specialized applications while creating a niche market. The most valuable property of our film is its versatility as a packaging material. We carefully craft our films to ensure good barrier properties against moisture, gas and odours. Excellent optical properties distinguish our films from the rest. Trouble free printing and sealability makes our products, the first choice of converters.

Our Business Strengths

Market Leadership

Tri-Pack is currently considered as market leader, capturing almost 70 percent of the BOPP market in Pakistan. We have successfully increased our sales level in 2013 despite volatile law and order situation and challenging market conditions. In 2013, with additional capacity we also expanded our footprint successfully in the international market.

Customer Support

Tri-Pack besides producing high quality film also helps the customers in further processing and shares professional knowledge to achieve economic and sustainable solutions. We also manufacture the products in accordance with the customer requirement whilst meeting the international quality standards. In order to produce high quality films, we are using top of the line fully automated machines procured from world top suppliers such as Mitsubishi Corporation - Japan, Windmöller & Hölscher - Germany, General Vacuum and Galileo Vacuum - England, Bruckner – Germany and Bonfanti - Italy.

Advance Research & Development Facilities

Our in-house R&D department is equipped with contemporary and sophisticated accessories. Not only the equipment but also the R&D team is highly professional who work round the clock 24 hours to ensure the production of high quality film. Product demand and development process is used to ensure that the product meets customer requirements by giving better run-ability and cost effective solutions while adding to our bottom line. With the core competency for developing any kind of BOPP and CPP films the target products are those which are rare in the market and difficult to produce like Plain 10, High Barrier Metallized films etc.